About Us


Vera Bright Venture

Established in 2014, Vera Bright Venture specialized in all-natural beauty products and health supplements based on emerging science.

With a firm belief that health is the greatest wealth, Vera Bright Venture looks to nature to provide its consumers with only the best options for a better quality of life. Of course, that can only happen with the use of high quality product. Which is why every single product that carries the Vera Bright logo is formulated, developed, and rigorously-tested in-house by its Research and Development Team before being registered with and tested by the FDA.

This obsession with quality to deliver only the best products and only the best consumer experience is what differentiates Vera Bright Venture from its competition, and is what the company believes is the key to its continued success and growth in the market. And because everyone should have the confidence to choose (or not to choose) a Vera Bright Venture product based on clear and full understanding of the science behind it, Vera Bright Venture always discloses any/all active ingredient/s of its products.

Not many companies do what Vera Bright Venture does. And it is this distinctively different approach to business that sets it apart from all other companies out there today.

If the standard has been set, Vera Bright Venture is setting a new standard.


To become a globally-recognized Filipino company that provides high quality natural products that meet and exceed its customer need expectations, by innovating new products based on the needs of its clients, affiliates, and partners through market demand. To create a strong middle class.


To create and develop a new way of life for the Filipino people, one with a real sense of purpose, and a raised consciousness geared for success in order to help them create and experience a better life for themselves and their families.